School Gifts

School gifts – fundraising opportunities for local schools all around Australia.

Raise money for your school through Mother’s day gift stalls, father’s Day gift stalls, Christmas gift stalls and other gift giving occasions with gifts sourced through your local newsXpress business.

Offering you an excellent variety of product with good margin opportunity, your local newsXpress has a range of options available for fund raising around gift giving times.

Talk with your local newsXpress business owner about your needs and explore the school fund raising opportunities available for you.

You might prefer to purchase in bulk and hold any unsold stock or you may wish to return unsold stock. These are just two of the school gift fund raising opportunities available.

Our model for supporting schools for school gift stalls and fund raising opportunities is flexible. We can offer a rebate on sales, a margin through wholesale purchase or so other form of compensation that serves your needs. The key message is we are flexible as we know different schools have different approaches to fund raising.

By working with a locally owned business you are able to focus on local needs, gifts appropriate to your area and, where possible, gifts that support the local community or the wider Australian community.

We have excellent gifts including photo frames, soap, hand made confectionery, journals, collectible items, licenced products, cards, books, mugs, fun items and other gifts … many different items for many different occasions. The range is large and constantly changing, suitable for people of all ages and situations.

So whether you need gifts for a Mother’s Day stall, a Father’s Day stall or a Christmas gift stall, your local newsXpress can help.

newsXpress stores give preference to Australian designed and made products as we believe that supporting local businesses is best for local economies. Keeping money local helps local taxes, local jobs and local infrastructure. These are important factors for schools nurturing students who will one day look for work locally.

newsXpress stores are locally owned and run by local families, employing local people. Our businesses trade under a national and unifying banner to a common set of goals but at heart each business is a local small business.

Local newsXpress businesses across Australia support local schools in their communities in a variety of ways. Through sponsorships, support for school book lists, stationery requirements, awards and other assistances, locally owned newsXpress businesses are good citizens when it comes to local school support.

We hope you believe in our local community as much as we do.

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