Here are answers to some questions we have been asked by prospective members:

  • Is newsXpress a franchise? No. The only income we receive is from membership fees and supplier rebates. There is no percentage paid on your turnover. There is nothing in our member agreement that meets franchise requirements.
  • Is there anything from newsXpress that is mandatory? No.
  • Do you visit our shop? No. We used to, pre Covid. However, in 2020 we leveraged a new model, which has proved to be successful for our members, and successful for us.
  • Do we need to change the name of our business? No, not unless you want to.
  • Do we have to wear a uniform? No, not unless you want to.
  • Do we have to brand the business newsXpress? No.
  • Does newsXpress pay for signage? Not for the shop. We do provide members with wonderful seasonal posters.
  • What if I sell my business? Your agreement with newsXpress ends. We hope the new owner will join, but it is up to them.
  • Do you run catalogues? Yes, but not the old-school Christmas, back to School and Mid-Year catalogues newsagents have run for decades that focus on low-margin product. Our approach pitches first to market opportunities at full margin. They are opt-in.
  • What is your position with magazines? We offer our members marketing tips designed to sell more magazines. We also provide some social media content designed to drive magazine sales.
  • What is your position with lotteries? We actively work with Lotterywest. We also have a national account manager with Tabcorp through whom we navigate any issues or concerns members express.
  • Can we see your list of preferred suppliers prior to joining? No.
  • Can we see supplier terms prior to joining? No.
  • Can you save my business? That is up to you. We will help as much as possible, but action depends on you.
  • Can you help me reduce my labour cost? We have experience with this and will do our best, working with you on your roster, offering advice.