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newsXpress has opened up a whole new world for us. We are very pleased with their positive outlook and support.

- Helen & Russell Kirk, newsXpress Laidley & Plainland
As we are in a shopping centre, we needed to protect ourselves against losing our lease to other predatory retailers. We were looking for a brand with a strong image which focused on marketing products in the business, and had a good corporate image.

- Ian & Sarah Chapman, newsXpress Kin Kora & Sun Valley
I was with another marketing group, newsXpress was the way to go for my shop and we haven’t looked back since. Our magazine club card has gone through the roof with an increase of 23.9% in retail magazine sales. I have also implemented other newsXpress magazine strategies such as Beacon Branding and am reaping the benefits.

- Warrick Hosking, newsXpress Gympie